About the Program

The Local Buying Program has been established to support small businesses in the Central Highlands, Isaac and Mackay local government areas in their engagements with BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal (BMC).

Recognising that it can often be challenging for smaller businesses to engage as a supplier of BHP, the Program makes it simpler and easier for these businesses to competitively bid for supply opportunities that are released by BMA and BMC operations.

A critical element of the Local Buying Program is the Local Buying Foundation which aims to enhance the economic sustainability of local regions through the support of programs and initiatives that target local business training and development needs.  For every transaction processed through the Local Buying Program in Queensland, BMA / BMC make a financial contribution to the Foundation.

Some benefits of participating in the Local Buying Program include:

  • Greater supplier exposure to BMA and BMC operations through an online supplier directory
  • Greater exposure to work opportunities
  • A simplified engagement tool (Local Buying Program website)
  • Appropriate payment terms (21 days from receipt of invoice)
  • Simpler supplier on boarding process
  • Qualification criteria specific for small business
  • Continuous support from C-Res

Read more about the program in Queensland:

Register for the Local Buying Program

For more information contact:

C-Res Business Engagement Advisor: Kirra Alexander | kirra.alexander@c-res.com.au  | 0419 571 411

C-Res: info@c-res.com.au | 1800 536 663

Upcoming Events

Events listed below are either of relevance to the local business community or are delivered or sponsored by the Local Buying Program or Local Buying Foundation.

CH Heroes Campaign | Nominations Open – CENTRAL HIGHLANDS

24 Apr 2018 - 22 May 2018

Central Highlands Development Corporation (sponsored by the Local Buying Foundation)

Nominate your CH Heroes and celebrate small businesses making a difference in the Central Highlands.

More Information

Power Your Business | Qld Small Business Week Seminar and Workshop – MACKAY

29 May 2018

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce (sponsored by the Local Buying Foundation)

Learn from the business communications master, Chris Helder, the ability to engage and influence.

More Information

Central Highlands Recognition Event | Qld Small Business Week Event – EMERALD

1 Jun 2018

Central Highlands Development Corporation (sponsored by Local Buying Foundation)

Celebrate nominations from the CH Heroes Campaign during Small Business Week.

More Information

Where we operate

Queensland Coal - BMA & BMC

To work with the Local Buying Program in Queensland, suppliers must have a significant physical presence in one of the following local government areas:

  • Central Highlands
  • Isaac
  • Mackay

All BMA and BMC operations, including operational, rehabilitation and project sites, are able to engage suppliers through the Local Buying Program. These include:

  • BHP Brisbane Office
  • BHP Minerals Australia Supply
  • BMA Blackwater Mine
  • BMA Broadmeadow Mine
  • BMA Caval Ridge Mine
  • BMA Daunia Mine
  • BMA Goonyella Riverside Mine
  • BMA Hay Point Coal Terminal
  • BMA Peak Downs Mine
  • BMA Saraji Mine
  • BMC Poitrel Mine
  • BMC South Walker Creek Mine
  • BMA Gregory Crinum Mine (Care and Maintenance Teams)
  • BMA Norwich Park Mine (Care and Maintenance Teams)

LBP QLD Eligibility Map