About the program

The Local Buying Program has been established to support small businesses in Queensland to engage with BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal (BMC). We recognise that small local businesses are an integral part of our operations and critical to driving economic development and opportunity in the communities near our sites.

To assist these businesses, we have established the Local Buying Program to make it simpler and easier for these businesses to competitively bid for supply opportunities.

The program provides local businesses with a dedicated platform to bid for work with BHP / BMA / BMC, appropriate payment terms and assistance from local C-Res Business Engagement Advisors. Local suppliers with less than 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees are eligible for the LBP.

The program is supported by a Local Buying Foundation which provides training and programs that enhance and build the capability and capacity of the local business community.

The LBP has operated in Queensland since 2012 and expanded to New South Wales in 2016. Over this period, the program has provided work opportunities for over AU$135 million to small local businesses. Last year, we have released close to 5,500 work opportunities with 86% of these being awarded to a local supplier.

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28 October 2017 

Where We Operate

Queensland Coal - BMA & BMC

To work with the Local Buying Program in Queensland, suppliers must have a significant physical presence in one of the following local government areas:

  • Central Highlands
  • Isaac
  • Mackay

All BMA and BMC operations, including operational, rehabilitation and project sites, are able to engage suppliers through the Local Buying Program. These include:

  • BHP Brisbane Office
  • BHP Minerals Australia Supply
  • BMA Blackwater Mine
  • BMA Broadmeadow Mine
  • BMA Caval Ridge Mine
  • BMA Daunia Mine
  • BMA Goonyella Riverside Mine
  • BMA Gregory Crinum Mine
  • BMA Hay Point Coal Terminal
  • BMA Norwich Park Mine
  • BMA Peak Downs Mine
  • BMA Saraji Mine
  • BMC Poitrel Mine
  • BMC South Walker Creek Mine

LBP QLD Eligibility Map