Local Buying Program Suppliers

Local businesses who have an annual turnover of <AUD$10M and a significant physical presence in the state’s eligible regions can register to participate in the Local Buying Program in that state.

Registrations are assessed on an individual basis in alignment with the Local Buying Program eligibility criteria. Once approved, suppliers will have the ability to access and respond to work opportunities (Work Instructions) in their state as they become available.

Buyers (BHP / BMA / BMC)

BHP / BMA / BMC employees can register at any time to use the Local Buying Program for their procurement needs. Buyers will be required to validate their registrations via their BHP email. Once registered, buyers can source goods and services from Local Buying Program suppliers by raising Work Instructions.

BHP / BMA / BMC Employee Registration

South Australia

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Local Buying Program South Australia Quick Stats
(as at Sep 15 2021, since inception, 2017)

The Local Buying Program has been established to support small businesses in the eligible regions in South Australia in their engagements with BHP.

Recognising that it can often be challenging for smaller businesses to engage as a supplier of BHP, the Program makes it simpler and easier for these businesses to competitively bid for supply opportunities that are released by Olympic Dam.

A critical element of the Local Buying Program is the building of sustainable communities in the regions that the Program operates in.  As such, the Program supports BHP’s business development programs which aim to drive sustainable growth in local townships and communities.  BHP and C-Res work closely with the local community to identify which programs are best suited to local businesses and provide genuine benefit, and consult closely with local organisations and representatives to jointly agree on the priority areas for development programs and to ensure these are aligned with existing and future initiatives.

Some benefits of participating in the Local Buying Program include:

  • Greater supplier exposure to BHP operations through an online supplier directory
  • Greater exposure to work opportunities
  • A simplified engagement tool (Local Buying Program website)
  • Appropriate payment terms (7 days from receipt of invoice)
  • Simpler supplier on boarding process
  • Qualification criteria specific for small business
  • Continuous support from C-Res & Global Maintenance USG (partnering with C-Res to deliver the Local Buying Program)

Local small businesses who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to register.

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C-Res are proud to be working with Global Maintenance USG to facilitate engagement with local business in South Australia.

For more information on the Local Buying Program in South Australia contact:

Jessica Cardno

Business Development Advisor - South Australia

0437 993 180