Local Buying Program Suppliers

Local businesses who have an annual turnover of <AUD$10M and a significant physical presence in the state’s eligible regions can register to participate in the Local Buying Program in that state.

Registrations are assessed on an individual basis in alignment with the Local Buying Program eligibility criteria. Once approved, suppliers will have the ability to access and respond to work opportunities (Work Instructions) in their state as they become available.

Buyers (BHP / BMA / BMC)

BHP / BMA / BMC employees can register at any time to use the Local Buying Program for their procurement needs. Buyers will be required to validate their registrations via their BHP email. Once registered, buyers can source goods and services from Local Buying Program suppliers by raising Work Instructions.

BHP / BMA / BMC Employee Registration


Perception Survey a chance to share feedback

Image: Tracey Cuttriss-SMith (CEO, C-Res)

C-Res has commissioned consultancy firm SC Lennon & Associates to coordinate our Annual Perception Survey to seek feedback from our buyers, suppliers and community stakeholders around the Local Buying Program (LBP) and Local Buying Foundation (LBF) in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

In short, we want to know what you think – and it is intended that the survey will be conducted annually to inform ongoing evaluation and assessment.

C-Res CEO, Tracey Cuttriss-Smith, said in undertaking the survey, C-Res also understood 2020 had already been a busy – and somewhat tricky – year; and COVID-19 had presented many challenges for local businesses and communities the LBP represented.

“We know it is an uncertain time for many,” Ms Cuttriss-Smith said.

“But it is when times are toughest that the people we support and work with need us the most.

“We want to know how our suppliers, buyers and stakeholders feel about the service we deliver; and – even more importantly – what we can do ti improve.”

Ms Cuttriss-Smith said this survey was a way for stakeholders to directly comment on how to best support them.

“We want to know – through the LBP – what is needed from us, as we move ahead to the recovery period and look to the future.”

The overall Annual Perception Survey project is made up of 12 separate surveys – for buyers, suppliers and stakeholders in each state where the LBP is delivered.

The survey was launched on June 26 and will close in mid-July. Results will be collated and analysed by SC Lennon and Associates with results expected to be released in late July.

Links to all surveys – for buyers, suppliers and stakeholders throughout NSW, QLD, SA and WA are available here.