Local Buying Program Suppliers

Local businesses who have an annual turnover of <AUD$10M and a significant physical presence in the state’s eligible regions can register to participate in the Local Buying Program in that state.

Registrations are assessed on an individual basis in alignment with the Local Buying Program eligibility criteria. Once approved, suppliers will have the ability to access and respond to work opportunities (Work Instructions) in their state as they become available.

Buyers (BHP / BMA / BMC)

BHP / BMA / BMC employees can register at any time to use the Local Buying Program for their procurement needs. Buyers will be required to validate their registrations via their BHP email. Once registered, buyers can source goods and services from Local Buying Program suppliers by raising Work Instructions.

BHP / BMA / BMC Employee Registration


Business Development Advisor Supplier Visits

C-Res Local Buying Program Business Development Advisors will be venturing out into their communities into the New Year to work with new and existing LBP-registered Suppliers and BHP Buyers to ensure they are getting the most from their involvement with the Program. The C-Res team are also keen to work with small businesses in the region, which have 20 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, and are interested in registering with the program.

If you’d like to catch up with the BDA in Port Hedland, please contact Mj.