Local Buying Program Suppliers

Local businesses who have an annual turnover of <AUD$10M and a significant physical presence in the state’s eligible regions can register to participate in the Local Buying Program in that state.

Registrations are assessed on an individual basis in alignment with the Local Buying Program eligibility criteria. Once approved, suppliers will have the ability to access and respond to work opportunities (Work Instructions) in their state as they become available.

Buyers (BHP / BMA / BMC)

BHP / BMA / BMC employees can register at any time to use the Local Buying Program for their procurement needs. Buyers will be required to validate their registrations via their BHP email. Once registered, buyers can source goods and services from Local Buying Program suppliers by raising Work Instructions.

BHP / BMA / BMC Employee Registration


Exciting new career opportunities with C-Res

C-Res currently has a number of employment opportunities open to professionals with a strong focus on supporting local.

About Us

C-Res is a cost-neutral organisation dedicated to linking small, local and Indigenous businesses directly with BHP sites throughout Australia via the Local Buying Program (LBP). C-Res delivers the Local Buying Program and the Local Buying Foundation through a strategic partnership with BHP. The Program has been operating successfully in Queensland since 2012, in New South Wales since 2016, and in South Australia and Western Australia from 2017.

The Local Buying Program provides opportunities for more than 1,400 registered suppliers to competitively supply goods and services to BHP, BMA and BMC.



Our Commitment to Country and supporting opportunities for our First Nation’s People is something the Local Buying Program (LBP) is deeply passionate about. C-Res is currently looking for an outstanding individual to fill an Indigenous Business Development Principal role. This is a role which will be all about the advocacy of Traditional Owner and Indigenous Businesses throughout the Local Buying Program network, across BHP, BMA and BMC footprints in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

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A rare opportunity is currently available within our C-Res team – a role which will challenge you professionally while enabling what’s likely to be the most exciting step in your career. We are looking for a driven, self-motivated, intuitive and tenacious professional to fill the role of Business Development Advisor (BDA) in the communities of the Pilbara including Port Hedland, Onslow and Exmouth. This is a role where “local” matters. It is all about connecting community and business with BHP’s WA operations through the Local Buying Program.

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C-Res has released an exciting opportunity to join our dynamic team – a role which will provide interesting challenges while enabling you to immerse yourself in all that comes with a highly respected, widely regarded, national social enterprise. We are looking for a highly skilled and customer service focused Administrator to assist with the administration of BHP’s Local Buying Program in the regions of the Port Hedland and the Pilbara.

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* Applications are currently open for the positions above and will only be received via Seek.  When you apply, please include your resume and a cover letter outlining how you meet the role requirements / relevant experience.